February 2010

I started laughing at 0:46 and did not stop. There were way too many good lines in this to quote here.


I’m surprised by how much mundanity is replaced with green screen.

Many other cleaning applications of plasma are being researched. In addition to hand sanitizers, Michael G. Kong, a professor of bioelectrics engineering at Loughborough University in Leicestershire, England, has developed a prototype for plasma jets that can be built into air-conditioning systems. As air is transmitted through the system from one hospital room to another, for example, the jets inactivate microorganisms, fungi and viruses in the air.

via Novelties – Fighting Germs With Plasma Gases – NYTimes.com.

How often do you sit in your chair? Four or five times a day? More? With a 1 in 3,000 chance of falling, you might fall once in a year or two. That’s not too bad. But you’ll be on edge the whole time. Will today be the day? Could be!

via Ironic Sans: Idea: The Russian Roulette Chair.

Why? Because 1982 said so.

Between the first and the sixth century a single theological and several medical authors reported on the consumption of gladiator’s blood or liver to cure epileptics. The origins of the sacred or apoplectic properties of blood of a slain gladiator, likely lie in Etruscan funeral rites. Although the influence of this religious background faded during the Roman Republic, the magical use of gladiators’ blood continued for centuries. After the prohibition of gladiatorial combat in about 400 AD, an executed individual (particularly had he been beheaded) became the “legitimate” successor to the gladiator.

via Mind Hacks: Gladiator’s blood as a cure for epilepsy.