April 2010

My new name is Clancy the Great and I take my control stick everywhere with me.


Engineers are coolest when they test us on what we believe will and won’t work–and prove us dead wrong.

This kind of useful reading list must, I think, begin with the great books from classical antiquity that shape our civilization. Without a first hand exposure to the literature of Israel, Greece and Rome, it’s extremely difficult to follow or participate meaningfully in the cultural and political life of our time. The ideas and values that emerge from this literature have influenced thinkers and actors in generation after generation ever since; American political institutions were developed by people who had been deeply educated in all three classical literatures, and the more modern commentators who also influenced the founding fathers (like Locke and Montesquieu) were also students of the ancients.

via Literary Saturday: The Foundations of a Lifetime Reading List – Walter Russell Mead’s Blog – The American Interest.

Here’s that personal engaging video style that I was talking about with Stornoway.

That feature has made the statue a sort of fertility shrine for Parisian women. It’s said that kissing Noir’s lips, leaving flowers in his hat, or rubbing his, um, press credentials will bring a husband, enhance one’s sex life, or ensure fertility.

via Rigor Mortis | Futility Closet.

Apropos of nothing. My definition of a stupid person. A stupid person is a person who treats a smart person as though they’re stupid.

via Twitter / errolmorris: Apropos of nothing. My def ….

Don’t we all want a machine gun on the middle foot?

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