September 2010

I’m going to hell for the amount of laughing I did whilst reading this.

James W. Heselden, a British businessman who invented and sold fortification containers for flood control and military protection and who owned the company that makes Segway electric scooters, died Sunday after plunging from a cliff in West Yorkshire, the police said, apparently while touring his property on a Segway. He was 62.

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Previous surveys by the Pew Research Center have shown that America is among the most religious of the world’s developed nations. Nearly six-in-ten U.S. adults say that religion is “very important” in their lives, and roughly four-in-ten say they attend worship services at least once a week. But the U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey shows that large numbers of Americans are uninformed about the tenets, practices, history and leading figures of major faith traditions – including their own. Many people also think the constitutional restrictions on religion in public schools are stricter than they really are.

More than four-in-ten Catholics in the United States (45%) do not know that their church teaches that the bread and wine used in Communion do not merely symbolize but actually become the body and blood of Christ. About half of Protestants (53%) cannot correctly identify Martin Luther as the person whose writings and actions inspired the Protestant Reformation, which made their religion a separate branch of Christianity. Roughly four-in-ten Jews (43%) do not recognize that Maimonides, one of the most venerated rabbis in history, was Jewish.

via U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey – Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life.

I love this guy. His commitment to his vision and quality standards is pretty inspiring. Do something you love, do it simply, do it well. There’s a secret in there somewhere.

There’s a reason why this won an Oscar.

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This band keeps popping up in all the coolest places. The Rotunda is an excellently beautiful building with great acoustics from the sound of it. The first song on this video, Fuel Up, is just an exquisite sort of mashup. Be sure you have your melancholy switch turned way up.

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