January 2011

I cannot being to explain how much I want this watch.


If you aren’t familiar with the movement in the La Cle du Temps, let me explain it. It starts with a tourbillon based movement, where the tourbillon juts out of the bottom side of the watch. This is called a vertically mounted tourbillon. You can see it in the picture looking like some space age propeller. The watch dial, to tell the time, is on the upper right of the dial. The lower left of the dial is a power reserve indicator (looks like 5 days worth in the manually wound movement), and above it is the selector for speeding up for slowing down the time. This is where it gets interesting, and Hublot has clearly changed the format of the dial a bit from the previous watch. Using a crown on the left of the watch you can alter the time to run fast or run slow. A fun, but gimmicky way of “controlling time.” The neat part is that the movement always retains knowledge of the correct time – so you can always switch it back to “normal” mode and the time isn’t all screwed up.

Also, it’s not available for sale yet but is estimated to be a “rather high six figure price”. Back off, biatch. The first one is mine.

via Hublot La Clé Du Temps Watch.

The speakers send out low-level ultrasound from a node attached to a dish, and use a 30,000 Hz frequency (much higher than what the human ears can hear) to beam an audible wave to a specific point. When this high frequency wave interacts with the air, it breaks up into three different waves. One of these waves is normal sound that humans hear. The two other waves confront it and keep it in a focused beam, thereby making the sound audible in a narrow beam.

via Klang Ultrasonic Speakers Create Sound Only Where You Want It – Bornrich.

A purity ball (also known as a father-daughter purity ball[1] or purity wedding[2]) is a formal ball dance event attended by fathers and their daughters. Purity balls promote virginity until marriage for teenage girls, and are often closely associated with Evangelical Christian churches in the United States. Typically, daughters who attend make a virginity pledge; a pledge to remain sexually abstinent until marriage.[1] Fathers who attend pledge to protect what they view as their young daughters’ “purity of mind, body, and soul.”[3]. Proponents of these events contend that they encourage close and deeply affectionate, but chaste, relationships between fathers and daughters, thereby avoiding the fornication that allegedly results when young women seek love through relationships with men of their own age.

Purity balls have been described as “creepy” in reference to their purportedly incestuous undertones.[4] According to New York Times reporter Neela Banerjee, young women would generally be highly unwilling to participate in father-daughter dances.

I have to go to the next one.  I forgot to buy my purity ball chastity belt at the last one.

via Purity ball – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

“I’m gonna pat all eggs” is the new name of the band.

Favorite comment from the youtube: “India has 18 recognized languages. How do I say W.T.F in each of them?”

“no one can upside down the Borg”

Space and the Y Axis | Clever Things to Say.

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